Welcome to my world of evolving art.

what color next?

Welcome to my world of evolving art.

The past, present and the future are all happening simultaneously.

My art takes me on a journey.

I will be sharing work in progress, upcoming events, challenges and discoveries along the way.

My main website is



11 responses to “Welcome to my world of evolving art.

  1. Cathy,

    Love your work .. expressive .. soulful .. I like your quote, I work the material until it represents itself. I’m trying to get there .. anyway see ya in yoga class ..

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Wow, I am just blown away. You are a special person with really great talent. I love your work…………I feel very humble to meet you. The expression in your sculpture is real magic. I am looking forward to hanging out with you and drinking up your aurora.

  3. Hi Cathy, I would like to inquire about a couple of your paintings.
    I sent you an e-mail from the ‘Contact Us’ page of your main website.
    Could you please get back to me.

    Inessa P

  4. Great site….Thanks for leading me to it…I will have to check out the sculpture at sites nearby…Such grace and beauty in your work…Just stunning. I am an outdoor person and enjoy sculptures in nature and public spaces. I want to see more of your paintings too.

  5. Mitch Parke says:
    April 3,2012 at 1:00 am

    After knowing you for awhile and knowing what a special person you are, I finally took the time to take a close look at your work and the different mediums you create your wonderful art with. It’s so apparent that your beauty and your mindful soul play such a huge part in the pieces you create. It must be so rewarding to be so comfortable with what you do.

    • Thank you Mitch. Your comment means a lot to me. I am lucky I love what I do…and it makes it feel even better when it touches someone else.
      Hope you are creating a lot of homes.
      Take care-

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